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Wireless Bluetooth Headset TWS Subwoofer Headset

Wireless Bluetooth Headset TWS Subwoofer Headset

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1. True wireless Bluetooth 5.0 chip
Using Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the stable transmission of multiple data, wide wireless coverage, low-power operation, energy-saving and power-saving
2. Powerful power reserve system, up to 24 hours
Used with a charging box, the comprehensive battery life is up to 24 hours
Say goodbye to frequent charging troubles, enjoy music anytime, anywhere
3. Just lift the memory speed dating
When the headset is taken out of the charging compartment, it will automatically turn on and enter the interconnection step. The interconnection will be completed in 1-2 seconds. After turning on the mobile phone's Bluetooth to search for the headset, perform normal pairing. If paired
It will automatically remember that the pairing is successful
4. Continuous connection, 15m distance connection
Uninterrupted transmission to ensure barrier-free Bluetooth connection
5. One-key call, long press for 1.5S to activate Siri
Talking with your personal assistant is easy, long press on either side of the touch area for 1.5S to activate Siri, also supports Android smart assistant
6. Composite membrane speaker, enjoy the pure sound effect
Composite membrane horn, high-quality graphene ring speaker system and obvious
Environmental noise attenuation, opening a pleasant journey of sound enjoyment for you


Product model: XT18 Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth solution: Bluetooth V5.0
Product speaker: composite membrane subwoofer
Product chip: Zhongke Lanxun BT5376A
Standby time: 60 days+
Working time: 4 hours, the charging compartment can charge the headset 2 times+.
Charging time: about 1 hour
Communication distance: barrier-free 10-15 meters
Charging compartment interface: Type-C charging port
Headphone battery capacity: 45 mA (with IC protection board)
Charging box battery capacity: 300 mA (with IC protection board)

Packing list:

Product accessories: 3 sets of ear caps + Type-C charging cable + Chinese and English manual

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