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Yellow Semele

Silver CZ Brilliance Pendant

Silver CZ Brilliance Pendant

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The CZ Brilliance Pendant is a dazzling piece that exudes elegance and luxury. Featuring a stunning round rim cubic zirconia pendant that sparkles with every move, adding a touch of opulence to your every ensemble. A modern design where class, luxury and personalisation converge to create a meaningful and timeless piece.

Add a personal touch with our wide range of engraving selections, elevating the necklace as your unique statement piece, a symbol of your individuality and style.

The CZ Brilliance Pendant makes for an ideal gift, offering a combination of sophistication and sentimental value. Present it to someone special, and you bestow upon them a luxurious and personalised keepsake; a meaningful piece that they can wear it close to heart.

✧ Pendant: 16mm

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