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Lookstand Max | ONYX

Lookstand Max | ONYX

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The Lookstand Max is a larger version of our traditional aluminium stand. Designed to be light and compact in size, yet hold large tablet computers, this stand is all you need to integrate your tablet more easily into everyday usage. 

A display height extension range of 3.5 to 7 inches, combined with 120-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation allows you to find perfect comfort for your uses - and the uses are many. A Lookstand can be used as a device stand, grip, filming tripod and more. The Lookstand Max allows you to use your device more like a laptop than a hand held item - giving you the hands ability to take notes, read, watch television or type with ease and comfort. It can even be used to hold a Nintendo Switch, so you can play games anywhere.

With a test cycle of 10000 extensions, you can be sure that the Max will not let you down. Unleash the potential of your tablet today with and purchase your Lookstand Max.

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