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Yellow Semele

Gold Eternal Heart Necklace

Gold Eternal Heart Necklace

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Heart - A Symbol Of Self-Love, Affection, Appreciation

The Eternal Heart Necklace is a captivating piece that symbolises the profound emotions of self-love, affection and appreciation. It is a timeless representation of the essence of the most powerful and transformative force in the universe - love.

This enchanting necklace serves as a radiant reminder to cherish and celebrate oneself, embracing the beauty within. It also symbolises the journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Allow it to inspire a journey of self-love and appreciation for all that you are. 

The Eternal Heart Necklace is a perfect gift to someone special, expressing your heartfelt appreciation and affection. Let it be a reminder of the endearing bond you share and ignite the flames of romance and passion, uniting hearts.

✧ Pendant: 12mm
✦ Chain length: up to 18 inches (adjustable via sliding bead)

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