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Teal Simba

DLP-Link Active Shutter 3D Glasses Rechargeable LCD 3D Glass

DLP-Link Active Shutter 3D Glasses Rechargeable LCD 3D Glass

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Instructions for this 3D glasses:
Brighter and clearer
The new 3D glasses use less than 1.5 millisecond to response and use LCD lens to increase the transmittance.
High transmittance and high contrast make the picture more clear and brilliant.
Effectively reduce the shadow, eliminate eye fatigue, present more realistic 3D images.
Free and comfortable
The 3D glasses can accommodate another pair of nearsighted glasses,while the overall weight is only 32g.
The mirror leg uses the high elastic PC material which improves the touch softness and the comfort of the wearer.
Smart chip
The glasses will automatically open only when they are watching.
Intelligent and convenient, saving electricity.
Long Lifespan
80mAh Built-in lithium battery|300 times Cyclic charging.
Product Display
XGIMI DLP-LINK liquid crystal shutter 3D glasses G105L.
Charging time: around 2-3 hours
Power on: Press the power button, one flash of the green LED light means the glasses have been turned on.
Power off: Long press the power button for 3 seconds, the green LED light would flash for three times.
Standby status: Over 5 seconds without 3D signal, glasses would automatically turn to standby mode, the green LED light would flash every 5 seconds.
USB charging: Red indicator light on when charging, and it goes off after being fully charged.
Low battery mode: when 3D glasses have low battery, the green LED light flashes five times continuously, then two times every 10 seconds. That means you need to feed it.
To use 3D glasses, the first press would turn it on, the second press would adjust the image quality, and keep pressing it to adjust the 3D effect on glasses until the image is clear. ( You need to choose the up/down 3D or left/right 3D effect when playing videos on the projector).
- Perfectly works with all XGIMI projectors.
- Adopting lastest active shutter technology, high definition, and no flickering or crosstalk.
- Built-in high capacity rechargeable batteries allow you to play up to 60 hours continuously.
- Suitable for people with myopia.
Note: In order to ensure item reception effect, please watch in the correct range.(Best viewing distance:2-5M)

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