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Yellow Semele

Gold Angel Wing Necklace

Gold Angel Wing Necklace

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Angel Wing - A Symbol Of Protection and Remembrance

The Angel Wing Necklace is a divine piece that embodies the profound meanings of protection and remembrance. Like the gentle embrace of angelic wings, it serves as a symbol of solace and love, guiding us through both life's challenges and treasured memories.

The intricately designed angel wings capture the ethereal beauty of celestial guardians, channelling a sense of grace and serenity, providing comfort and protection.

The Angel Wing Necklace holds a sacred significance as it offers solace to those seeking a tangible connection with loved ones who we have lost along the journey. A cherished keepsake, a heartfelt tribute that keeps precious memories close to the heart.

Wear the Angel Wing Necklace as a constant source of reassurance and strength. It reminds you that you are never alone, that a guiding presence watches over you even on tough days, and that the memories of your loved ones endure forever in your heart.

✧ Pendant: 27mm
✦ Chain length: up to 18 inches (adjustable via sliding bead)

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